About Me

I am Ke30950_10152765747975315_2117129067_n (1)nny (aka “Ken”) the author of this website and I am 29 this year. I have strong interest in creating passive income streams for retirement. This is my first blog sharing my personal experience on investing, saving and the other ways I have tried to create passive income online. I hope you find my site informative and user-friendly and more importantly, inspire you to take action to reach your financial goals! Despite working in a low wage job, I still believe financial freedom is within my reach. I believe in aiming for the sky, so that if I land, I will land among the stars or the moon!

When I am not blogging, I am most likely neutralizing terrorists with my trusty M4A1 in Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) or talking to online friends in Steam. Don’t underestimate me; my aim is deadly! (Okay, just joking, I believe I am an average gamer…)