Affiliate Marketing: Clickbank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website by KC Tan (An update)

Hi guys! This month I am updating my review on the online Udemy course, Clickbank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website by KC Tan. When I first wrote a blog post on the online courses to pursue a passive income source, I mentioned that I didn’t have much financial resources to do this affiliate marketing part time. But after some time, I decided to do it. And guess what? It worked! (at least in my case…)

I tried out KC Tan’s method of using direct linking to promote my Amazon Freedom Course that I also wrote an honest review about in my blog. My budget is SGD 4.00/day. Initially, I got the clicks on my ads… but no sales. I actually thought of stopping my ad campaign after about half a month from when I first started PPC advertising on Bing because of the lack of results. However, on 3/7/18, after having recorded 108 clicks and spending about SGD 87.23 on Microsoft Bing Ads, I managed to make an affiliate sale of USD 99.40 gross! It was about a month of advertising before the sale took place. I am heartened to know that online passive income is possible…

A further update on my Amazon Freedom Course affiliate marketing campaign…

It is 2 August 2018 now and I am pleased to announce that I have made an additional 3 commission from my Bing Ads marketing campaign! As I am going to receive these income via Paypal, I assume the exchange rate of USD/SGD is 1.3232. I know it is a lousy exchange rate but I do know that Paypal takes a cut off the currency conversion process. The net profit to date after deducting ads expenses is SGD 314.72. If I withdrew these money in a USD account in my local bank and exchange it for SGD in my country’s money changer, the net profit could potentially be bigger. But one thing is evident in my affiliate marketing success, KC Tan’s course method worked in my case!

I am writing this post not to boast of my online success, but to share with you that what happened to me can happen to you too! Hope this encourages you guys not to give up on creating passive income streams!

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