Savings: My monthly expenditure for Mar 2018

It’s been 3 months since I last updated my monthly spending habits. To be honest, I thought very few people would be interested to know how I spend my money due to not much views on the previous blog post on Savings: My monthly expenditure for Feb 2018.

Apparently, I was wrong. One of my readers actually emailed me telling me how helpful my post was to her and how she managed to start her savings for a new car one day. For privacy reasons, I decided not to reveal her full name but let’s address her as D.H. D.H. started off by breaking down her monthly bills as her first big re-adjustment. One way she learned to cut costs is by using a TV provider guide to audit her channels, tackle surprise fees that cost her extra money, and renegotiate her contract. The TV guide can be found at this link:

I am very heartened to know that my blog has made a positive contribution to my reader’s lives. Thank you for all of you out there who have made this blog possible!

Okay, the monthly expenses for March 2018 would be as follows:

Monthly Expenditure for Mar 18

Food and Drink: S$196.70

Transport: S$60.00

Business: Nil

Donations: S$330.20

Medical: S$252.60

Phone: S$35.00

Utilities (Avg): S$33.30

Wifi (Avg): S$10.40

Insurance: S$7.13

Others: S$3.80

Gross Total: S$929.13

Food and Drink expenses has dropped marginally from Feb 18 to Mar 18. Transport expenses increased by $10 which is normal in my opinion as my transport expenses usually range from $50 – $60. I didn’t incur any business expense for March 2018. Donations or tithes increased by a lot as my dividends came near the end of Feb 2018. Medical bills hovered around $250 for treatment of my existing medical condition. For internet connection (Wifi) and utilities bills, I took the average of 5 persons living in my parents’ household. Insurance cost is actually paid annually so the figure here of S$7.13 is an average of 12 months. Total gross expenses mount to slightly less than S$1k.

Overall, I believe that I am living a somewhat frugal life. Maybe saving money is one of my strengths I can use to teach others how to spend wisely…hmm…

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