Domain Flipping: Where to Sell Your Premium Domains for Profit

As a domainer, once you purchased your premium domain, the next thought in your mind would be, “Where do I want to sell it for maximum profit?” In this post, I would be covering some places to resell your domain.

Domain Forums

Domain forums can be one way to promote your domain for sale. Three of such forums would be:

  1. NamePros
  2. Digital Point 
  3. Domain State

The advantage of marketing your domains in these forums is that you can create a listing for free for your domains and there are no commission charges for each sale you make. As the forums stated in this post are active with serious domainers, you can get a sizeable amount of traffic to view your domains for sale. However, as the crowd in such forums consists mainly of other domainers who are going to resell the domain you sell to them for even higher profit, the asking price won’t be as high as what an end-user would pay to develop their business. If you are looking for liquidity with modest profit margins, selling your domains in domain forums may be suitable for you.

Commission based Marketplaces

The following marketplaces are listed below for your research with the minimum chargeable commission rates:

  1. Bido Auctions (8% commission)
  2. Sedo (10% commission)
  3. Afternic (20% commission)
  4. SnapNames (20% commission)
  5. Godaddy (20% commission)

Take note that these rates are not inclusive of escrow fees, which will further eat into your profit margin should you sell in one of these marketplaces.

Inbound Sales

This happens when an interested party inquires about your domain. Some lead generation services like Uniregistry Market, Efty and Sedo help you get the best price for the prospective business interested in your domain. This type of marketing gets the best price for your domains as the customers are end-users, not reseller domainers.

Outbound Sales

This happens when a domainer sends domain sales emails to a list of prospective companies. Sending targeted emails to companies that have a genuine interest will give you better results than mass emailing a list of cold leads using a standard template. This method of selling requires some time and effort but it may pay off as end-users generally pay more than resellers.

Reference Website:,

Which is your preferred method of selling domains? Share them in the comment section below!


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