Domain Flipping: Free Resource to Profit from

Today, I was surfing the web using the search term “Domain Flipping”. I came across a website whose owner was teaching newbies on the secret his friend uses to flip domains for profit. I clicked on the link that he shared and found that in this site, there is a free newsletter available to all that informs domainers on deleted domain names. Okay, enough of the suspense, the site is Just Dropped.

I used Godaddy domain valuation tool to check the estimated value of the premium domains I found on Just Dropped newsletter. The value of these domains is about USD 1,000 – USD 2,000. The advantage is that you don’t have to pay for such valuable information. However, the disadvantage is that since everyone can join the newsletter for free, once the information on dropped premium domain names is published,  those good and valuable ones will be taken up very fast. As a disclaimer, I have never used this newsletter service; I just came across it today while browsing through the Internet. I thought it may be helpful to those who wanted to invest in domains but do not want to pay for domain suggestion service or purchase domains in bulk ( for the Silver Pack in Wish Canvas they offer 12 domains). The good thing about Just Dropped is that if you have a small budget of less than USD 100, you can just buy 1 premium domain instead of 12 that Wish Canvas offers.

Reference website: Online Dimes

Hope this piece of information helps you guys in flipping domains!

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