Domain Flipping: Review of Domain Flipping Masterclass – Easy for Newbies by Angshuman Dutta (Udemy Course)

Hello people! Its been months since I last written a review on a passive income source. I had been interested in domain flipping since the ROI are potentially lucrative. I thought that I would be writing a review on the Udemy course I paid for on 28 Aug 2016. This course is titled “Super Easy Domain Flipping Profits – Easy for Newbies” by Angshuman Dutta, who is a private internet marketing coach. I paid SGD 34.00 for this course.

Basically, domain flipping works by buying a valuable and popular premium domain name for cheap and then reselling it to an end-user or another interested domainer for profit. Angshuman  explains in his course how domainers conventionally get premium domain names through a third-party auction and gives you a method that he personally uses for much less capital. He lists 3 main ways to get premium domain names:

  1. Hire people to manually sift through for premium domain names.
  2. Buy a domain software that will sift through valuable premium domain names for you.
  3. Buy a domain suggestion service.

To cut the long story short, the cheapest option would be to use a domain suggestion service that he recommends, which is Wish Canvas. In his course, he claims that this service is owned by Sammy. However, when I used this service ( I purchased the Silver Pack), I found myself talking to Angshuman also. In my emails, he revealed to me that he just bought the company the month I was buying the suggestion service from.

I suppose many of you here would wonder if this service delivers what it promises. The short answer: yes. It does deliver. All my 12 domain names I got from this website were premium dictionary-word domain names. I got all of them from GoDaddy. There were no substandard trashy domains like The average cost of a premium domain I got from Wish Canvas was less than SGD 200.

Then you guys may ask,” How much are the premium domain names worth?” At this time of writing, I am still holding on the domains for at least 1 year before I start to flip. According to GoDaddy domain name appraisals (I know automated domain appraisals may not be accurate but its a general guideline), all of my premium domains are worth less than USD 2,000. This may seem very little or disappointing to some who are expecting maybe their domains to be worth USD 10,000 or even USD 500,000 but take note that I bought the domains at relatively low cost. I will update you guys once I flip the domains. Also, the ROI of the domains are quite attractive once they are flipped compared to the stock market. In traditional investing, the annualized long term return of holding an S&P 500 ETF would be about 9% (passive index investing). In domain flipping, it is common (in my opinion) to get more than 100% ROI for premium domains.

In short, I would recommend anyone who wants to buy low and sell high to try the Wish Canvas service.

Are there risks involved in domain flipping? One risk would be the relative illiquidity of the secondary domain market. Compared to the stock market, the secondary domain market is very inefficient. Bill Sweetman has advice on how to sell your domain names if you are still keen to do domain speculating here.

Anyone who is still interested to buy the domain suggestion service at Wish Canvas can  email me your name, email and package that you are keen to purchase. I can be reached at Alternatively, I can be reached at the contact page of this blog. I am willing to split the affiliate commission 50% between me and you for trying out Wish Canvas. The commission will be used to maintain the blog like hosting expenses, etc.

Thank you and good luck profiting ftom domain investments!


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