Savings: My monthly expenditure for Feb 2018

Last month was the month of the Chinese New Year. A month where I get red packets from relatives and family (yay for the extra “income”). It is also the time to take stock of my expenditure patterns for Feb. So, let us see if I have done well in the habit of saving for Feb 18. Below is the summarized overview of my expenses last month:

Monthly Expenditure for Feb 18

Food and Drink*: S$209.40

Transport: S$50.00

Business: S$88.80

Donations*: S$160.00

Medical: S$256.45

Phone: S$35.00

Utilities* (Avg): S$30.41

Wifi* (Avg): S$10.40

Insurance: S$7.13

Gross Total: S$847.59

There are some asterisks in some categories of bills that I make note of here. For instance, Food and Drink was lower than Jan 18 probably because I ate at home more regularly than the previous month (groceries not included in the bill for this calculation). Donations or tithes (as I am a Christian) increased to S$160 due to the additional income of red packets I received from relatives and family during the Lunar New Year festival and timing difference (as I don’t tithe on time to be honest, so the money donated here some belong to Jan 18). Business costs refer to the costs I incurred in running this blog (which includes paid traffic) so thats S$88.80 for me. Utilities and internet connection I took the average of the actual bill as I live with my parents in a family of 5, so I assumed the costs are shared equally. I must admit that I am not as financially independent as I would like to be as some of these bills are still paid for by my parents. But I have included them here so as to give as accurate a picture as possible about my living expenses from month  to month. Overall, month expenses of less than S$1k per month seemed to be pretty simple and frugal to me.

What do you think of my monthly expenditure for the month of Feb 2018? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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