Amazon FBA: Dan Vasiljevs Amazon Freedom Course Review

Dan Vas: The Amazon FBA Guru

Last year December, I was googling on Youtube for various passive income sources other than investments. There were many ideas I found on the Internet, some examples including: writing an ebook, creating an online course, programming an app, amazon FBA and shoplify. Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) caught my interest, as I had previous online experience doing thrift store flipping. Basically, Amazon FBA works by you (the entrepreneur) buying and storing your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centres and Amazon will then pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products upon ordering. I searched for many online  gurus about this method of passive income and Dan Vasiljevs is one of them. His Youtube channel can be found here. He has also an online course and free unlimited personal mentorship via email or social media. The course costs USD 497 at this time of writing.

Did I sign up and pay for his course? Initially, I was quite reluctant as USD 497 is about SGD 660 plus and you guys know by now that I don’t earn much from my current job. But after a while, I was curious about the process of Amazon FBA and took out my debit card to enroll in the course.

Is Dan Vas Amazon Freedom Course a Scam?

So, you may ask, “Is his course effective? Is it a scam?” The short answer is no, it’s not a scam (at least in my humble opinion). Dan Vas’s programme is insightful, clear and easy to understand as he taps from his experience from his own Amazon FBA business to teach the student. He also shares his initial mistakes that he made from his first few attempts at the business and encourages the student to learn from it. In a nutshell, there are various stages of the Amazon FBA business to master. It ranges from product research, supplier negotiation, listing creation, marketing and customer support. There are at least a few videos teaching you how to master each stage of the business. The course can be found here.

Concerns or Problems that I faced in Dan Vas Amazon Freedom Course

Are there any areas which I feel that the course can be improved upon? Well, one of the main concerns I had was the initial capital I need to get started in the business. Dan Vas claims that I need an estimated minimum of USD 1,500 to start a small test order of 250-350 units. However, what I feel is that he only includes the product cost, shipping and Paypal charges for the above sum. There is other costs that he failed to consider, including:

1. JungleScout Web app
2. JungleScout Chrome Extension
3.  Merchant Words
4. UPC Labels
5. Logo design by freelancers
6. Viral Launch for product promotion
7. Professional product photos by freelancers
8. Amazon Professional Seller Account
9. Your country’s incorporation costs
10. Amazon PPC campaign cost
As with any other serious activity, I would want to consider the costs of all the above mentioned in this list before I actually start the business. The way he answered my query on the actual cost of business makes me suspect if he is using a virtual assistant to reply my question on behalf on him. Again, I am not sure if my suspicion is true but it is my honest feeling. I also had to ask him more than once to get my email answered. This may not be very good if you have sincere intention to start the business as you would want your mentor to respond to you asap when you had problems in your business. You don’t want to be left in the lurch waiting for goodness how long before your mentor replies your email.

Did I make money out of Dan Vas Amazon Freedom Course?

So, in the end, you may ask me, ” Did I make any money with the course that I enrolled in?” I did not start a business in Amazon FBA due to my lack of confidence in my mentor to help me out should I encounter problems in the actual business if I start one. There were problems in the business not highlighted in the course that other entrepreneurs reported in his Facebook group (Amazon Freedom Entrepreneur Group). I did not want to risk my hard earned money in something which I was not familiar with or confident to deal with when problems arise.

My Personal Thoughts on Amazon FBA and Dan Vas Amazon Freedom Course

If you want a legitimate home based business opportunity, Amazon FBA can be one of them. Just because I did not start an Amazon FBA business does not mean there are no successful Amazon FBA entrepreneurs out there like Dan leading a life of financial freedom. However, as with any other business, it comes with risks and problems. But if you are willing to risk your capital, work hard and persevere , it may be possible to experience financial freedom from this method of passive income as how Dan Vas did it. It is not a scam (in my personal opinion). But if you want an easy way to get riches overnight without much work or effort into it, I am afraid Amazon FBA is not that golden egg. I would advise you to stick to your current job instead as one needs to put in more work than a job into any business without much reward for the initial stages. There is no free lunch.

If You are Still Interested in Amazon FBA as a Passive Income Source…

If you are still keen in this mode of passive income despite the challenges that you may encounter, you would need the research tool JungleScout Web App and Chrome Extension Pro. I had bought both products and used them to research on at least 7 – 8 potential niches on Amazon. I must say both of them are very useful. The Web App tool allows you to research on the types of products while the Extension Pro gives you an evaluative opportunity score based on the product listing you are looking it up on Amazon. From 1 – 10, where 1 is poor opportunity while 10 represents an ideal opportunity to profit from Amazon FBA. The link for these two research tools can be found here. I wish you all the best in your business goals.
What do you like about this review on Dan Vas’s course? Did you sign up for it too? Share your experience in the comments section below too!

3 thoughts on “Amazon FBA: Dan Vasiljevs Amazon Freedom Course Review

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    1. Hi Doug. Thanks for the suggestion. The reason why I don’t update my blog often is that I wish to write quality posts. I prefer to type out the posts myself instead of using a software to do it for me. I don’t find blogging boring, it’s just that I have been busy with 2 jobs recently. And also, normally when visitors come to my site, they don’t usually leave a comment so I don’t know what’s going on on their mind. But thanks for commenting and suggesting!


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