What I have tried for Passive Income: Winning the Lottery

“Are you kidding me?” I can hear some of you guys say to yourselves. That’s right. Every time I go home from work, I can see some elderly folks queue up at the betting outlet to buy their lucky numbers. All of them were probably hoping to strike a windfall and retire happily ever after. The trouble is, does it work for the majority of us? I find out if winning the lottery is a viable option on the New Year…

I have a friend who says that if you really must gamble on the lottery, you should do it only on two days. One, on the eve of Chinese New Year; and two, on Christmas. The reason being that the jackpot prizes are quite enormous. On the New Year, I remember the first prize was $8 million dollars. $8 million dollars! Imagine the financial freedom it brings to you should you win that prize! And yes, that’s the hard part, winning the prize…

So, after researching on the internet on how to increase my odds for winning a prize on the lottery (yes, there are some sites that claim to teach you how to win Toto), I bought a ticket at only $1 and waited for the results to be announced on that Friday. When it was announced, I was kicking myself for spending the $1 on that ticket. Obviously, I didn’t win anything on that day. I remember thinking to myself,” I could have used the $1 to buy myself a drink from the coffee shop!”

So, in the nutshell, the moral of the story is, don’t gamble your savings on the lottery. This may sound obvious to some but whenever I go to the Singapore Pools outlet, I always see many elderly folks buying their tickets at the counter. I don’t know what motivates them to beat the odds of losing but I feel that if they invest in themselves in financial education as what Robert Kiyosaki says, they would be better off than gambling their retirement funds on the lottery. Hmm…it seems common sense isn’t common practice…

What you guys think of winning the lottery? Do you have the same feelings as me? Share, like, comment, or subscribe to this post if you have anything to say!

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